Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apple Picking

Today our good friend Amy took us apple picking at Chudleigh's in Milton. Not only do they have apples, but also a petting zoo, straw maze, and a big pile of sand with toy trucks in it. It's a good thing that Amy was there, because she has better luck with weather and thus we had a perfect fall day. She was also on hand to take cheesey family photos:

At the petting zoo there was some excitment when two of the sheep got loose from their pen and had to be rounded up and tackled by the teenage girls that worked there. I can imagine this sort of thing happens a lot since it is the only petting zoo I've been to that doesn't have a double gate at the entrance.

We rode the tractor to the orchard and picked a ridiculous amount of ridiculously big apples. William had fun running down the aisles of trees and eating apples that were the size of his head.

BTW: Amy, the pie turned out fabulously

1 comment:

Sylvia McNicoll said...

Hey Jen,

Since you have a ridiculous amount of apples, send some over our way. I'm waiting with an applecrisp cranberry recipe.

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