Saturday, October 18, 2008

Famous Children's Author Breaks Her Arm

Tonight my Dad called from the emergency room "Looks like Mom broke her arm, can you come get Mortie?" (Mortie is my parents' jackapoo). Apparently they were with Mortie at Spencer Smith Park, when Mom fell off her rollerblades. That's all the details I got from my Dad (not the story teller my Mom is), so I've decided to create my own version of events:

As part of a publicity stunt to promote her new book, Mom decided to attempt a death-defying roller-blading trick. First she would navigate a hotwheels-style loop-de-loop, culminating in a hoop that was set on fire. When she jumped through the hoop she would need to stay airborn long enough to clear an olympic-sized pool filled with sharks with "frickin' laser beams" on their heads. Unfortunately Mom didn't know that her jacket wasn't flame retardent, so it caught fire as she jumped through the hoop. In a desparate attempt to extinguish the flame, Mom jumped into the shark pool, which put out the fire. Unfortunately one of the sharks bit her arm and broke it.

Of course, I wasn't there, but that seems plausible to me. Totally something my Mom would do. Anyway my Dad said that Mom had her arm set, and a cast put on, and when I talked to him a few minutes ago they were just waiting for the okay to go home. Me and William are totally going to sign the cast later.


Sylvia McNicoll said...

Really Jen what is the name of the new book?

Last Chance for Paris?

I am kind of desperate for more sales

Super Happy Jen said...

I think your desperation was already evidenced by your rollerblading stunt.

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