Friday, October 17, 2008

The tooth

Last night just before bedtime (William's not mine) my husband asked William if he wanted to have a bath. The answer of course was "yessssss", in fact William was so excited by the idea that he raced up the stairs and out of sight. As Adam and I were working up the energy to follow our enthusiastic toddler, we heard a thud, following by screaming.

I raced up the stairs, and William came running towards me, blood gushing from his mouth. Not usually a good sign.

After much hugs and kleenex we were able to determine that one of William's bottom teeth had been knocked loose. It didn't fall out, but was definitely slightly off from its original position.

After our son had calmed down a bit, Adam gave William a bath and some advil and I put him to bed. He slept through the night like normal, but this morning he had trouble eating his cereal and had to be given yogurt instead.

The internet has varying opinions, from giving this a wait and see approach, to taking him to a dentist right away. Some places say that he should be taken to the dentist if the tooth is bothering him, or he has trouble eating. Of course the tooth is bothering him, this just happened yesterday!

Of course we don't have a dental plan of any kind, but I'll pay out of pocket if my baby needs a dentist, no problem. The trouble is, having no dental plan means I have no dentist that I see on a regular basis, and I'm becoming overwhelmed by the hundreds and hundreds of dentists in the yellow pages (we almost have more dentists in this city than we have teeth). I'll just have to play pediatric dentist roulette.

On a lighter note, William now says "Cow."


Newfiechick said...

Hi Jen:
Our dentist in Burlington is Dr. Peeling and he's great with kids if you need one! Hope William is ok!

Super Happy Jen said...

I've decided not to go to the dentist. I think his tooth has firmed up on its own, but I will keep Dr. Peeling in mind for when we need a dentist.

Sylvia McNicoll said...

Dr. Malik will always consider himself your dentist and we got him when you fell and chipped your front tooth, the adult one, on a wet floor at Angela Coughlan pool changing room.

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