Friday, March 27, 2009

The Creative Mind of a Two-Year-Old

On the right we have a sculpture my son created all by himself, which he has entitled "A Robot, Wall-e." This is an obvious reference to Wall-e from the recent Pixar movie of the same name, so I've included the pic on the left for comparaison (assuming blogger actually formats this properly). The yellow legos sticking out of the side of William's version are his hands. I know this because when I asked "Where are his hands?", my son answered "Oh hands". And went searching for those yellow blocks to add to his masterpiece. Only two, and already he's graciously accepting artistic criticism.

In other news, my nephew Hunter left two of his action figures here and William has been playing with them. "I play guys," William says. Bane and the Terminator have never been so friendly:
Terminator (lying on his back): Oh, I fall down.
Bane: I will help. (helps Terminator to his feet) Big hug. Uh, Big Kiss.
(They hug and kiss)
Both (lying down, they start to sing): Sleep, bunnies...
Both (leap to their feet and start jumping up and down, still singing): Wake up, bunnies! Hop, hop, hop. Stop!
Bane (falls over): Oh, I fell down, Mommy, I fell down.
If DC Comics ever decides to do a crossover with the Terminator series, I'll send them the script.


Super Happy Jen said...

alas, the pics are on top of each other rather than beside each other. Oh well, you can probably tell which is which anyway.

zydeco fish said...

It was challenging to distinguish between the two, but I eventually got it.

Sylvia McNicoll said...

My grandson is clearly a genius. I love his dialogue for the action figures. He has a future as a writer for Scholastic.

Sylvia McNicoll said...

Hey Jen,

I have super crappy email here at this fancy schmanzy Regina Inn. I loved the photos of Jadzia and William.
Oh my gawd she's grown so big in one week. I loved Will's expression when Mortie licked his sister.



Mano said...
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