Monday, March 02, 2009

Free Wings

The other day my Dad noticed an ad in the paper advertising free wings all day today as part of St. Louis Bar & Grill's grand re-opening. Apparently starting tommorrow (Tues) they're also giving free entrees to mothers and children. This sounded too good to be true, so I called the place, and they assured me that yes, the wings were free and, no there was no catch.

So today I called the only two mommy friends I have phone numbers for, one I couldn't reach, and the other is making the trip down from St Catharines tommorrow.

But I want free wings now, thought I. So I kidnapped my parents and took them to the restaurant.

"Free wings. Free wings." My son repeated over and over as we walked in the door. The wings were free, but we all had to buy drinks and my Mom had a salad, so we (buy "we" I of course mean my mother) ended up paying $25 including tip.

They were out of highchairs, so once William was finished eating (mostly cheese out of my mom's salad) he went wandering about the restaurant with my Dad. The manager had a stash of toys, and gave William a package of six dollar-store quality racecars.

I'm thinking of going there for lunch this week. 450 Appleby just north of New St, if anyone wants to join me.


Anonymous said...

I only paid $25 to give the waitress a nice tip. The bill would have been $16 and tip should have been about 5 or 6 dollars but all the waitresses were nice and they were run off their feet.

It was a very lovely lunch and time.


Anonymous said...

I want to join you for lunch. Mmmmm.... food. I love to eat and we consider this Williams and Zoe's first chaperoned date. Awwwww...


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