Monday, March 23, 2009

Super Happy Dogsitter

My parents are off touring the country side (when I say "touring" I really mean it, my Mom is visiting schools to talk about writing) and they left their baby home with me. I'm of course talking about Morty the Jackapoo.

Morty has one of those dog dishes that has food on one side and water on the other. My son has the unfortunate habit of putting handfuls of dog food into the water, creating a mushy mess. Luckily my mother left behind a large supply of catfood-like single-serving wet dog food, which Morty will gobble up faster than William can destroy.

So I filled Morty's dish water side only. Apparently, a bowl of water on the floor is too much for a two-year-old to resist. William has been, very deliberately and with much giggles, dumping Morty's water dish all over the hardwood floor. After several rounds of "No, William, don't touch", multiple re-fillings of the dish, and a very soaked towel, I finally took the bowl away completely. Now the poor dog only gets water when he whimpers at me.

If that isn't bad enough, I didn't walk Morty today at all. I simply didn't have the energy in my brain to work out the logistics of walking two children and a jackapoo by myself. Morty has been out in the yard several times (not looking forward to what I will find out there).

Despite all this neglect, I'm told that my house is still better than a kennel.

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Sylvia McNicoll said...

Hey Jen,

Put a bowl of water outside for Mortie. He'll drink it there if he's thirsty. A lot of dogs sit at home alone all day while their owners work. I lost the balls I bought for you to throw for Moritie. If you all head outside in the yard and throw a ball or stuffie for Mortie, that will make him tired too which is the main goal. That and company. Mortie loves William so no worries.

Hugs. Mom

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