Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Zoo (from a two-year-old's point of view)

Please excuse my lack of super-happiness for this blog entry. I'm more than a little bit tired after submitting myself to the exhausting ordeal of chasing a two-year-old around the zoo for four hours (while Adam pushed the baby stroller).
Even though I told William we were there to see animals, and he kept repeating "I see amals", he seemed more interested in running ahead, collecting rocks, and climbing on things. (We spent ten minutes climbing up and down the stairs next to the orangutang cage without actually looking at any orangutangs).

I took this picture to illustrate how a typical zoo exhibit looks from William's point of view. Our conversation at this point went something like this:
"William do you see the lions?"
"Ball," he says, pointing.
"Yes, there is a ball. But look behind the ball. There are two lions."
"Oh a ball!"
"Yes, the ball is there for the lions to play with."
"A beeg ball."
"Do you know what sound a lion makes?"
"Roar," William replies, sounding bored.
In fact it was almost impossible to get him to notice any animal, but there was one zoo attraction that William found fascinating:

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Carol said...

OMG the expression on William's wee face 47 seconds in is priceless!!

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