Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gift of Discipline Workshop: Week 2

Today we had some sort of expert on sibling rivalry come to talk to us about sibling rivalry. We didn't get a hand-out this time, or even much utopian philosophy. Instead we had a round table discussion about the relationships between our kids, and the relationship we had with our siblings when we were kids.

One dad was the youngest of five kids who always felt at the bottom of the totem pole.

Then there's a mom of twin ten-month-olds who are already competing for toys.

Another woman has to deal with a tantruming toddler, and a defiant preteen.

And still another is an only child who now has three kids.

The expert then read us stories and showed us cartoons all about sibling rivalry. Entertaining, but I think I'm bettter at remembering when I get a handout. Some points:

-Look at things from each child's point of view.
-Resist the urge to compare.
-Avoid labeling.
-Don't belittle a child's feelings.

The one thing everyone can agree on is that siblings fight, whether we like it or not. No amount of discipline workshoping will keep my son from becoming a bully like me, or keep my daughter from becoming a brat like my sister. Oops , I'm comparing and labeling already.

1 comment:

Robin said...

you are a brat...and you are also very mean.

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