Thursday, February 03, 2011

Creative Arts Awards

Well I'm back from the Creative Burlington First Annual Arts Appreciation Awards.  Apparently the even will be shown on Cogeco Cable at some time in the future, so those of you who couldn't afford the $65 to attend can curl up on the couch and watch the event. Alas, the "light fare" has all been eaten, so no deep fried scallops, peppers, or spring rolls for you (unless you cook your own to make your viewing experience more authentic).

If an evening of community television isn't your style, you could skip ahead to the most important part of the night, the literary arts award. Watch the video below (ahem, technical difficulties have prevented me from posting the video below just yet)

My clip is at about 4:56.

Congratulations to my Mom, Sylvia McNicoll, for winning the award.  The most diserving person definitely won.  Mom is a highly accomplished author with twenty-eight or more books published.  I am an über-procrastinator with zero books published.  The third finalist, Bobbie, is a very friendly woman who smiles a lot.


Mom and I cornered the mayor at the reception and chatted at him.  It's not every day you get to make awkward small talk with the leader of your city. 

All the finalists, myself included, got certificates.  This is because there really are no winners and losers and even the non-awards-recipients should get something. Mine is going in my rah-rah for me binder.

I was totally embarrassed to see my video interview.  Even when other interviews were being shown, I was mortified because I knew I was next.  Everyone said I did okay though.  (You can judge for yourself when I get that gosh darn video posted).

We arranged for all the literary artists to sit at the same table.  Bobbie brought some of her friends who all seemed nice, one of them even had pinky red hair.  It was fun to have a literary table.  And even though Bobbie and I didn't receive the award, we got to touch it because we were sitting with my Mom.  We all agreed that it should say "Literary Artist of the Year" on it, instead of ricipient of whatever.

Thank you to Natalie for watching the kids and putting them to bed.  Love you babe.

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Five Star Nat said...

Thanks Jen! Your kids were super sweet and super happy (must get it from their mom) Next year that award will have your name on it! Wootwoot!

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