Tuesday, February 08, 2011

So Grown Up

Today I registered my son for junior kindergarten.  The whole process took about an hour and involved gathering together some random forms and identification, dressing everyone in snow pants, walking through the snow at the pace of bundled two-year-old, and filling out a small stack of forms while my children ate crackers and grapes (with a brief break to visit the staff washroom). While we were snacking and form-filling, nutrition break started and my nephew Hunter greeted us in the hall.  The kids got hugs.  I got a "Hi Auntie Jen" and a "Bye Auntie Jen." 

I was all excited about William's passage into manhood, so I got William to tell my husband where we went.  His interpretation: "My Mom just wrote and we ate crackers."  Okay, maybe he'll be more excited when we go to meet his teacher.

Since this is a post about William, I must mention what a wonderful boy he is.  Yesterday we went to one of those indoor play places with his friends.  He helped his sister up and down the equipment, taking her by the hand and gently leading her.  He helped his friend who is a little more timid than he is (William is fearless).  Sometimes he went and got her Mom, sometimes he would help her himself and then tell her Mom: "That's okay, we don't need you now."  I was so proud that he acted so grown-up, so kind, so gentle, so brave. 

He's going to rule Junior Kindergarten!

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Anonymous said...

William is like the hercules of the kid world, but he isn't like "young hercules", don't worry!

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