Sunday, February 20, 2011

I found my Twister game.

Yesterday I was having dinner at a friend's house and we were thinking how fun it would be to challenge each other to a game of Twister.  Well, today I found my old Twister mat, along with the warped cardboard spinner very biased to the left hand.  Luckily I  also have this old Flash program I made to spin for us.  Next time somebody challenges me to Twister, I'll be ready!

I also have a video  (which I may post later) Adam took of the kids and I playing (very challenging when you're too short to reach the dots and don't know your left from your right, or the rules, or your colours).

Now I just have to find the painting I did in university of people playing Twister naked.


Cara said...

That's funny! Your spinner must have the option "Sit on your Mommy's tummy!"

Five Star Nat said...

Awesome!!!! I can't wait for an excuse to play that with you Jen! :) and you too Adam!

Super Happy Jen said...

It's actually surprisingly hard to play with a two-year old sitting on you.

You don't need an excuse Nat, just a flexible yoga body!

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