Sunday, February 06, 2011

Jadzia sleeps in a big girl bed. Night 1.

Adam has plans to build Jadzia a canopy princess bed to compete with William's car bed.  In the mean-time my parents had a comfy mattress and box spring they wanted to get rid of.  It's the same bed I slept on as a teenager and it's very, very comfy.  Adam is going to modify his bed design to accomadate the mattress, which is a double, not a single like William's, and takes up 80% of her bedroom.

Yesterday was a day of birthday partying, no napping, and temper tantrums, so I decided to put her to bed early.  So just after dinner I managed to get the tantruming sesame street addict to brush her teeth, then I took her to her room to read her stories.  When I said "story" she ran out of her bedroom towards the basement and freaked out when I brought her back.  She thought I meant "Toy Story" and screamed "Toy Story Three Buzz!"

I calmed her down and got back to the business of reading stories.  Normally I read two or three stories and then put her in her crib.  This time, Jadzia was boss, jumping out of bed to pick another book sometimes when I was in the middle of reading one.  I read almost every book in her book bin, and read several of them twice. 

By the end, I was reading each book EXTRA SLOWLY, like a robot running out of batteries, and she was sucking her thumb and jumping out of bed less often.  When she looked dozey enough, I shut the light and started singing "Hush little baby", just like I do every night.

I sang it lying down.
I sang it standing up.
I sang it while sitting on the floor.

Jadzia kept almost sort of pretending to sleep, then waking up grinning at me.  Finally, two hours after I began the process, she fell asleep sideways on the bed, which still left enough space for me to lie beside her.  It's a big bed for a little girl.

She slept all night, all the way to nine.  Her brother woke up at 5 am because he "needed" someone to sleep with him.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, new beds do make me want to stay up late and then sleep in till 9:00.
Jadzia is cool.

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