Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby-proofing fail

Days after Adam installed a baby-proof lock on the bathroom cupboard, Jadzia defeated said lock, dumped the cupboard's contents onto the bathroom floor and decorated several walls with mascara.  What she's holding in the above pic isn't the mascara, but another lid she found that won't mark anything.  I let her keep that.  Let her think she's won.  (Because she did).


Five Star Nat said...

It sounds so stupid but the best locks we have found (that the kids can't bust) are literally rope tied in knots. They can muscle and break anything else we tried (well Annaliese could- sounds like we both are proud owners of evil masterminds :)

Also have you ever noticed we didn't install the door handle on our fridge? It's because with the handle they could bust any look system, but they couldn't get the leverage if the handle was on the fridge. Patrick can't open it yet! which is a bonus, the other too can but they know to shut it when they get what they want.

You will have to expect some trial and error until you find what works best. Baby looks were not meant for creative, brilliant two and four year old's! At least you know you have a smarty pants who likes puzzles :)

Adam Filipowicz said...

Still cute even when being evil

Sylvia McNicoll said...

Baby locks tend to only work for the quick opportunist child. Like locking your car against thieves. If they really want to steal the car and they're left alone long enough, they find a way.

You know Jadzia left long enough on her own will get into something so you'll have to watch her more carefully. Those locks will only buy you a few minutes to catch her.

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