Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spontaneous Vacation

Yesterday morning my husband announced that he wanted to take the day off and "do something".  So we spontaneously went to Great Wolf Lodge, a hotel with a large indoor waterpark, an arcade, and a woodland creatures theme.

Jadzia, normally an animal lover, was terrified of the animatronic creatures so that every time we even went near the lobby where the moose, bear, and tree were chatting away to noone in particular, she would bury her head in my shoulder (or Adam's) and cling to me (or Adam) with the two-year-old equivalent of a death grip.

We paid extra for a room that had fun bunkbeds made to resemble a tent in the woods (one that was being raided by a family of cartoon bears).  I don't think the extra money was worth it.  For one thing, I banged my knee getting out of the bunk bed and now have an ouchy bruise.  Also William didn't want to sleep on the top bunk, and ended up on the pull out couch. 

We spent the majority of our time divided between the waterpark and the arcade.  I have absolutely no pictures of the waterpark, because of water's reputation for destroying electronic devices, but it was a sight to behold.  All kinds of water buckets, and spraying things atop a ridiculous metal climbing structure vaguely made to resemble wood.  We spent a lot of time hanging out around the four kiddie slides. Jadzia was too short to go on them, despite her insistance on walking on her tiptoes.  William slid like a pro, listening to the lifeguards far better than he ever listens to me.

Adam and I took turns riding the "grown-up slides" while the other supervised the offspring.  Canada Vortex was the best, the slide lets you out in a giant funnel and you never know just when you're going to get out of it.  The first time, I slid out backwards.  Some of the slides needed more than one person to ride, so I cornered a random mom and her daughter and rode with them.  The girl, about nine, said "I haven't screamed once".  Well, then you didn't have as much fun as me!   

The photo above is obviously from the arcade, where we spent a ludicrous amount of money on tokens.  William wanted to play every game involving a gun, while Jadzia's faves were the mall-style rides.  Jadzia was also quite proficient at Wack-a-Shark, and this peculiar game where you catch ping pong balls in a popcorn bucket.  Most of our tickets were earned in a machine which drops a ball into a slot at the push of a button.  We ended up with about 2000 tickets to spend on dinky toys.  This translated into a bouncy ball and a stuffed dragon for Jadzia, an airplane and a grenade for William (yes, I said grenade, complete with exploding sounds), and assorted candy for the ride home.  Sugar gets a bad rap, but it's so sweet, and comes in so many colours and flavours.  We gorged ourselves on fun dip and nerds.  I know this is not good for me, thought I, (and it isn't even that yummy) but it tastes like childhood.

We got home in time to watch the leadership debate.  So stay tuned for my post on voting for leaders based on looks, which I'll write later when I feel like it.

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