Friday, April 29, 2011

Making Grocery Shopping a Game

I've been vaguely aware of my local supermarket's policy of price matching.  Basically you bring in somebody else's flyer, they give you somebody else's sale price. I've tried it a couple time, on a few small items, but today I went all out.

The hardest part of the grocery price-match game is actually having the flyers. The store won't accept printouts of the online version (I've tried) and most of the time the newpaper is recycled/lost/destroyed by a mischievous young princess. Also the paper seems to alternate between the useful food flyers, and the not so useful clothing and electronics flyers.  But today, against all odds I had all the grocery store flyers, on a day that I actually wanted to go shopping.  As I wrote my shopping list on my iPod, I meticulously examined the sales flyers of six different super market, noting the best deals in each one.

Then, armed with a stack of coloured newsprint, I drove to the store and filled my cart.  My son added a few non-sale items to the stack, but almost everything else was on sale somewhere out there.

While my two offspring wandered about the candy machines, a manager rang in my purchases (it had to be a manager because underlings do not have the authority to price match).  This is where I should have been more organized.  All my groceries were mixed up together and it wasn't always easy to remember which sale was at which story.  Next time, I'll dedicate a special bag for each of the fliers separating the foods by which store has each on sale.  Brilliant, right? 

Not exactly extreme couponing.  I'm not evern sure if I've saved any money in this ridiculous endeavour, but I the important thing is that I feel like I've beat the system.  I win!

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