Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My New Toy

In light of the conflict between my two (highly lucrative) careers of writing and motherhood; my extra sexy husband purchased me a netbook so my writing can be more portable.  My new toy is pink, small enough to fit in my diaper bag, and supposedly lasts ten hours on battery power.  I took it to Little Goobers today, and read all my writers' group files while the offspring were somewhat occupied.  Of course I had to race both children down the slide twice, rescue Jadzia from the treefort, serve snacks and lunch, extract my daughter from the exersaucer, and do up William's pants after a trip to the washroom.  I never did get to my own writing, so time will tell if this little machine will solve all my problems.  Now all I need is an agent, a publisher, a maid, and a nanny.


Adam Filipowicz said...

you forgot, bodyguard

Sharon said...

Wow, Jen, what a great super sexy husband you have!! He knows talent when he sees it :))

You are an amazing multi-tasker.

Next time, now that all those pesky critiques are done, you can focus on your writing!

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