Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Future Fantastic

Today, as part of Professor's Wiseman's perfect diary, I'm going to write about my future. I'm to imagine everything has worked out wonderfully, all my dreams come true and all my goals realized.  Interestingly, this sort of visualization will not help me actually realize my goals.  For that, I'd have to create a step by step plan and imagine all the obstacles I'll have to overcome. But this isn't about achieving one's goals, this is about good good happy feelings.

Next year my book will be out and I'll be finished the second one.  Having one book published, I'll easily land an agent for the second book and she will be busily negotiating with all the big wig publishers. My improv skills will get me into the invite-only advanced class and I'll do my first show in front of an audience. People will see my mad skills on stage and run right home to purchase my ebook, hoping it's just as entertaining.  They won't be disappointed.  In fact, I'll receive rave reviews on both the show and the novel.  I'll get a little extra money with my new found fame and I'll take the whole family on a canoeing trip in Algonquin. Also I'll pay off my Visa and start work on my Star Trek basement. I'll get that new red couch I've had my eye on forever and no one will pee on it or chew it.

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