Saturday, January 21, 2012

God does not exist.

The fact that I happen to believe that statement doesn't really matter in my day to day life. I'm unlikely to be mobbed in the street or sent to jail.  Unfortunately the same doesn't apply to Alexander Aan, a 31-year-old in Indonesia who wrote those same four words on his Facebook.   God does not exist.  I can say it as many times as I want and the worst I'll get is an angry comment and a lost twitter follower (and honestly, I doubt even that's going to happen).  Alexander Aan was attacked on his way to work.  He was arrested.

Really? Do people really behave this way in a free and democratic society? My first instinct upon reading this article was to exercise my own freedom of speech by posting "God does not exist" as my own Facebook status. I encourage everyone to do the same.  Maybe we'll start some kind of viral internet thing that will reach the people of Indonesia (who I'm sure aren't all bigots).

In other news, my husband is making waffles!


Ann said...
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Ann said...

Freedom of speech and belief is a gift. A precious gift that unfortunately is not always fully appreciated.

Enjoy your waffles.

Sorry about deleting the first comment....spelling!

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