Monday, January 23, 2012

Thankful things

So I've been reading the book "59 seconds: Change your Life in Under a Minute" by Richard Wiseman. It's a self help book that debunks other self help books and uses science to increase happiness and success. I have already spent well over 59 seconds perusing the book, and have come across an exercise that I can do right here on the blog.  I'm to maintain a diary for one week, Monday to Friday.  Each day, Professor Wiseman has prescribed a certain topic and at the end of the week I should end up with a blissfully happy feeling that for lasts months. Fun stuff!

Today is Monday.  I'm to think back to the previous week and write down three things that I'm thankful for.

  1. My family tops the list always. My husband Adam, and my kids William and Jadzia.  When I was younger, all I wanted was to have a husband, two kids, and a house, so this life is my dream come true.  Of course, I also wanted to live on the moon, but I'm sure that will come. This week the kids and I had some quality time tobogganing and on Saturday, Adam and I got to go on a date together. I get a lot of "I love you"s, especially from William.  They're especially nice unsolicited, when I'm expecting him to ask for a snack or something and instead get a declaration of affection.
  2. The weather.  I am so glad it is finally winter weather.  This is my favourite time of year.  I mentioned we went tobogganing, right?  There's a perfect hill right next to William's school, and when I pick him up I bring the toboggan. Also, last week we went skating down by the lake.  Just perfect.  If you're going to go out and do winter stuff, wear an extra pair of pants.  I don't have snow pants so two pairs of jeans is so much better than one. I'm convinced that anyone who says they don't like winter is just cranky because their legs are cold.
  3. My friends. Some of us went to the movies together on Saturday and saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D. (Thanks to Columbia for organizing it!)  Currently my best friends are my son's best friend's moms. On Mondays I take improv class and am often joined by mommy friends eager for a childless night. Last Monday, Becca went with me. She's probably my oldest friend, since we met in kindergarten. And her son is only two weeks older than mine, how great is that?  I love my friends unconditionally and know that they feel the same way about me.  Sappy, but true. 

Warm fuzzies engage!


Cara said...

I love all the same things as you. They make me super happy...we went toboggining ans skating too last week. Maybe we could go together again sometime. I mostly watch as Leyla has all the fun.

Crystal Licata said...

I love books that get you thinking. I will have to check this one out :)

Sharon said...

Jen, this is such a great idea. I've been doing the same thing at night. Thinking of five things I'm grateful for. It's a nice way to fall asleep!

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