Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good times

Tuesday's prescribed writing assignment from Professor Wiseman is to think about a happy even in your life and describe it.

I immediately thought of mine and Adam's night in Niagara-on-the-lake last year.  It was a Christmas present from my parents that we redeemed in July.  One night in a fancy hotel, a three course dinner, and a play. The weather was perfect and we rode out bikes along the water.  Mature trees provided shade to our smoothly-paved meandering path. We stopped for cherries at a small store.

The dinner was delicious (I had pasta with duck and bacon, thank goodness I have this blog to help me remember details).  I only remember the lobster poutine. I would go back just to taste it:  big chunks of claw meat atop perfect potatoey fries.  In fact, maybe next time we go to Niagara Falls, we can leave the kids at my in-laws and go get some. Not dinner, just the appetizer.

The play would have been better as a musical, but there was a slight amusement factor and we enjoyed each others company.  The mirror in our hotel washroom had a tv embedded in it.

I was deliriously happy pretty much the entire time.

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