Monday, September 04, 2006

Algonquin Anniversary

It seems like only yesterday that Adam and I knotted ourselves together, but it's actually been a whole year (and one day). We celebrated the milestone by taking a weekend camping trip (bonus that our anniversary falls on Labour Day Weekend). I still have that cold (no pukies though), but at least I had plenty of used Kleenex with which to kindle our campfires. Anyhoo here are some pictures:

Some fine campfire cuisine. No, we were never able to get the corn quite right even though we tried soaking it, not soaking it, wrapping it in foil, not wrapping it in foil, and cooking it at various lengths of time. We finally declared it the fault of the corn and vowed never again to buy corn for 99 cents/dozen. The potatoes turned out yummy though. And the S'mores. Yum!

No moose this trip, but we did enjoy the antics of the chipmunks that lived around our campsite. Here they are having a meeting. Even they wouldn't eat our corn.

I asked Adam to send me some pictures that truly represented our trip and he sent me this one. I assume it represents our trip because a) it was taken during our trip and b)I am wearing Adam's shirt in the picture, something I often do while camping. He also sent me a picture of yours truly coming out of the washroom. My darling husband pointed out that I spent most of my time there. True, my bladder isn't what it used to be, but to be fair my body is trying its best to get rid of a nasty virus (and whose fault is that Mr. Filipowicz?). Anyway, I looked horrible in the washroom shot and refuse to post it.

In other news, I heard on the radio on the way home that The Crocodile Hunter was killed by a manta ray. I saw a documentary on manta rays not too long ago and they seemed like such nice folks. You just never know.


Merther said...

Ya Becca woke me up yesterday to tell me about Steve Irwin. It turns out that like 20 people ever have been killed by one of those critters, so he must really have pissed it off. Did you get much rain on the trip? Those squirrels are pretty cool. I've seen a moose once where you guys were like a decade ago.

Superhappyjen said...

It rained Saturday Sunday, which was okay because we got to test out the leak-proof-ness of our fancy new tent.

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