Friday, September 22, 2006

Bullets but no points

  • I got a job and then lost it without working a shift. It was part-time office work through one of my employment agencies, a trucking company that needed a "woman's touch" in the office (no kidding that's how the job was described to me). Apparently the truckers randomly decided they needed someone who had worked at a trucking company before.
  • This morning my husband made himself a sandwich for breakfast: swiss cheese, turkey meat, and strawberry creamcheese on a cinnamon raison bagel. Ew!
  • I'm going to see a movie this afternoon with my sister and my nephew. Something called Everyone's Hero. Looks cute.
  • My husband made a looping version of my ultrasound DVD. Now I can leave it on the tv all day and see my son everytime I walk by.
  • For about $150 I can get a 3-D ultrasound (where the baby actually looks like a baby rather than an alien skeleton). I think I'll ask for it for my birthday.
  • We're having trouble with names. We had picked out William, but suddenly I'm seeing Williams everywhere. As a Jennifer, I know how sucky it is to have a common name. I don't want to do that to my son. My husband doesn't care as long as his Polish relatives can pronounce it.
  • My nephew wants his cousin to be named "Bruce Wayne". It was also the name of his fish.

1 comment:

Lady S said...

One of my friends in High School was Bruce Wayne W-----. Actually, he was Bruce Wayne Jr.

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