Sunday, September 17, 2006

Jailbreaks, Geishas and Hamburger Yogourt

I dreamt last night that me and my friend Eireann were cell mates in jail. Except our "jail cells" were more like the pens you find in petting zoos. At first we were just hanging out, doing our make-up to look like geishas (because we thought there might be some activity at the jail where we had to look like geishas) but then we decided to escape.

All we had was a backpack each. I pulled something out of my backpack and picked the lock on our pen and we ended up in the pen right beside ours. Our plan was to convince the guard, who was a geisha, to let us out of the building. When the geisha/guard came, she stepped over the the fence to join us in the pen (yes, it was that low). She was nice, but she wouldn't let us out of the building because she was afraid to get in trouble. The warden came by just then and all three of us hid (really obviously by ducking down and covering our heads, since there was no furniture or anything to hide behind).

Seeing that we had managed to get out of our cell, the warden put Eireann and I in another cell. This one was outdoors and was basically a chain-link fence with a hedge on top of it. The warden wanted to be sure we wouldn't escape, so he asked us (first Eireann, then me) to demonstrate how we might climb the fence to get out. I climbed over easily by grabbing onto the hedge and putting my feet in the links of the fence. The warden left, to get some barbed wire or something.

Fortunately there was a very obvious hole that someone had cut in the fence and it lead right onto the street. We were going to leave but we didn't have our backpacks. I called for the warden and told him that I needed a change of clothes and could he bring me and Eireann our backpacks. He agreed and went to get them from the trunk of his car. Our plan was to leave through the hole as soon as we had our stuff.

The warden got us our backpacks but he didn't leave. Instead he sat down with us to eat some yogourt. I kept wishing he would go away so we could escape. I took a yogourt that looked like peach but when I opened it, I saw that it had pickles, grated cheese, and a little hamburger meat in it. I realized that I had picked hamburger flavour by accident. Gross. I ate it anyway.

BTW: If anyone wants to view a slightly better resolution of my ultrasound, check out this google video link:

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