Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My life as a working mom (temporarily)

For the past two days (Mon, Tues) I've been temping at this place called Claybrooke, enjoying many hours of mindnumbing menial labour. My duties included:
  • Rolling up posters,
  • Sorting posters and other in-store signage for Future Shop and Telus Mobility,
  • Taping up boxes, sometimes using that super gluey tape that makes fingers all uggy,
  • Putting stickers on boxes,
  • Packing skids with boxes (this is kind of like setting up to play Jenga).

Not too bad, easy stuff. My body isn't used to working though and I'm pretty tired. Especially since yesterday I had to go directly to class afterwards. When you start work at 8:30am, getting home at 11pm is just not cool.

The offspring has been kicking a lot lately. Not while I was working, but on the train to class, during class, and at around three in the morning when I was sleeping. I think that last time the little tyke was providing a service, waking me up to tell me I had to pee. What a good little baby. Even though it's way too early to feel the baby move from the outside, Adam puts his hand on my belly everytime I say I feel a kick. Pregnancy is a little one-sided and I can see how a guy can feel left-out when he gets none of the signs that his kid is on the way (other than the fact that his wife is getting curvier and occasionally pukes). Adam also got a stethoscope because he read somewhere that at this time you should be able to hear the baby with it. (BTW: the brand of the stethoscope is "Colorpro". The hell? What kind of colours can you get from a stethoscope exactly?) Anyway, the husband had fun listening to me digest pizza and pretending it was his son/daughter.

Pig update: Lokai seems okay, not showing any signs of sickness, or grief. With Bele gone though, he does seem a bit bored. He chases himself around the cage and it's just not the same. I've been feeding him carrots to ease the pain (he'll have fewer treats now that he has noone to steal them from).

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