Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Name Game

As you can see on the right, my husband has created a mini poll so all you bloggers can have a say in the naming of our baby. I predict that all the names Adam likes best will win (he likes to cheat and vote several times). Oh look, I see the vote is 100% William. What a surprise. Anyhoo, I thought I'd provide you with some pros and cons to influence your voting.

Meaning "helmet of will" or "determined protector"

  • It was my grandfather's name
  • It was Adam's uncle's name
  • It has a bunch of different short forms to choose from: Will, Willy, Bill, Billy, Liam
  • It's been around forever and nobody is likely to think that it's a weirdo name or an old man's name


  • My grandfather went by his middle name (Allen) anyway
  • Our friends Becca and Drew are probably going to name their son William (and Becca's going into labour first)
  • I'm worried that it will be too common. As a Jennifer among millions, I wouldn't want to do that to my son
Meaning: Village of the Warrior

  • I dunno, it's okay


  • But only okay
Meaning: red-haired

  • It sounds okay


  • Our child is unlikely to have red hair
  • It sounds a bit like a girl's name. I'm reminded of Rogue from X-men
Meaning: Honour

  • It's actually a fun bastardisation of my Mom's maiden name "Ehret"
  • Other children are unlikely to have the same name
  • The meaning is cool


  • I don't think my mom even likes her maiden name
  • My husband's Polish relatives are unlikely to pronounce it properly
Meaning: Precious

  • It was my grandfather's name (or, you know, his middle name)
  • It sounds good


  • It doesn't go well with Adam, which Adam wants to be the middle name.
Meaning: clay settlement

  • It sounds okay
  • We can call him Clay


  • I can't stop thinking of the kid from the Adam@home comic
  • The meaning is lame
Bruce Wayne
Meaning: Thicket, woodland (Bruce), wagon-maker (Wayne)
  • My nephew will be super-pleased because it was his suggestion
  • Batman's cool
  • It actually doesn't suck as bad as 98% of the names out there


  • Oh, come on, it's not as if we'd actually consider it
Something Else
Your suggestions are welcome. Keep it mind it must go with the last name Filipowicz (so Philip is out, as is anything that starts with F.)


Andrew said...

I always found picking names difficult when my wife was expecting ... it seems no name you think of really fits until after the child has been wearing it a while. Luckily my wife is very talented at picking :o)

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Lady S said...

I voted for Clayton. I think it sounds nice with Adam. Of course, I am not sure what sounds nice with Filipowicz.

SuperKier said...

(random) i vote for willim, but only if it's shortened to liam, and not willy :)

Claire said...

Have to vote for William too -- or Willem (was that a typo Superkier?). William has also been handed down in my fam for ages and ages, in various forms (often the Willeys went by their second names) with the youngest generation know being Liam, my personal fave permutation of the classic name. So ya, Liam is cool. G'luck! :)

Claire said...

oops - i meant 'now':} (chagrined smile)

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