Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rubber Ducks

I had a dream last night that an army of rubber duckies were coming after me. They were marching through a field. Well, I guess they weren't exactly marching because rubber duckies don't really have legs. And no, they didn't have guns or teeth or any feature that made them scarier than normal bath toys. They were just ordinary yellow rubber ducks. But there were so many of them!

My interpretation (based on the dream dictionary)

The ducks represent my flexibility (ducks can walk, fly, or swim, so they are super flexible.). Not sure if this duck interpretation extends to the rubber variety, but rubber is supposed to mean flexibility too. More likely that dreaming of bath toys has something to do with babies. Anyway the field represents great abundance, freedom, happiness and means I'm going through personal growth. I'm personally growing a big belly with a baby in it. The army could be an overpowering force working against me, but seeing I'm so darn flexible (and the army is made up of toy ducks), I'm not super worried about it.


Adam Filipowicz said...

well um your dream are wacko.. jacko
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Super Happy Jen said...

In this case I do endorse my husband's blog (above). He's got a pic up of our baby's room and a clock counting down to the baby's due date. I keep telling him that I'll likely go late, but I'm sure he'll still be very disappointed if I go even a millisecond past midnight on Feb 5th.

zydeco fish said...

I love that dream. Ducks are amazing. Why, just the other day, I read about a duck that lived for two days in a hunter's fridge after he shot it. Go ducks!

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