Monday, January 22, 2007

Six hundred two and a half hours!!!!!!!

I've done it! As of today I've worked the 600 hours needed to apply for maternity benefits. In fact, I'm two and a half hours over.

Special thanks to the good people at these fine establishments:

*company name censored*, aka the pink dust cloud, who hired me to work once a week just because I begged them to. And they fed me lunch.

Express Personnel, who worked their butts off trying to get me enough hours, and, when they had no work from clients, brought me in to do busy work in their office.

I'll be applying for my benefits on Friday, when the aforementioned employers will supposedly have my Records of Employment ready. I shall have to bring them a present.


Lady S said...

Yeah!! Now what?

zydeco fish said...

congratulations. hopefully they were telling you the truth about the pink dust. it sounds dangerous to me :-)

Super Happy Jen said...

L: Now what? Now I have a baby. Any time now...hmmn maybe I should try jumping up and down.

Z: I've known the pink dust fairies since I was a kid so I trust them not to lie to me. There is the possibility, however, that they might be misinformed.

Caz said...

10 days 'til Baby!!
Are you all set??

Carol *26.01.07*

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