Thursday, January 11, 2007

Working in a happy pink cloud

Another fabulous day at *company name censored*, my Mom's friend's business. I'm working here once a week so that I can earn all my precious hours and get maternity benefits.

What the company does: They sell flourescent powder. Companies put the stuff in their pipes to check for leaks. The office is always covered in this pink dust which I'm told is non-toxic. My pink sneakers are getting pinker and pinker every time I come. Definitely not the type of office one dresses up for.

What I do: filing, posting bills on the computer, printing envelopes. I can't do those last two things right now because for some reason my computer isn't talking to the network. I consulted my two tech support people: my husband who advised me to reboot the computer, and my Dad who crawled under the desk checking all the connections. Neither troubleshooting technique worked. So I'm "testing" the internet while I wait for the other computer to be free. Seems to work.

In other news: I'm cooking a vegetarian meal for my friends Val and Justin tonight. Val told me that she doesn't want me to go to a lot of trouble but this week I'm in the mood to expand my cooking horizons. I'm making angelhair pasta with a basil pepper sauce and tabouli. If anything turns out I'll post it on my recipe blog. If nothing turns out I shall crawl into a hole and never speak of this again.


zydeco fish said...

Why is the flourescent powder pink? Why not yellow, or green, or orange?

Super Happy Jen said...

They make flourescent green, flourescent orange, flourescent pink and a bunch of other colours. But for some reason all the dirt ends up pink.

zydeco fish said...

Very odd.

Anonymous said...

. ;-) I can't wait for the veg recipe because I'm happiest when eating veg...;-) kate

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