Thursday, May 07, 2009


William put himself to bed all by himself! My naptime routine is to put Jadzia down first. This usually involves nursing her while I listen intently for the sounds of toddler mischief. Suddenly the house went quiet, too quiet. I went searching for William, expecting to find that yet another piece of furniture had fallen victim to crayon graffiti (although at this point it would just match the rest of the decor). I called his name and got no answer. I even checked the locks on the doors thinking he may have somehow escaped. Finally I checked his bedroom and there he was, sound asleep. Bonus!

Today is my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! Dad is currently working as a school bus driver, which is pretty cool, because now I can understand exactly what he does for a living (although I'm sure he'd prefer his old IT jobs).

It's also my nephew's birthday. Happy Birthday Hunter! He's turning eight years old. Eight! Am I old enough to have an eight-year-old nephew? I mean, that's halfway to driving age!

Also a shout out to my friend Columbia. Yes, it is also her birthday. (This makes me wonder what happens nine months before May 7th that gets people in the mood to make babies). Anyway I know the last time I talked to her she was feeling bummed about turning 32. So I open this up to any elderly or middle age folk who want to comment on how great it would be to be that young again. Happy Birthday Columbia!

And finally, today is the opening of Star Trek XI (which is really just called Star Trek, because it is in no way a sequel to anything). I'm seeing it at 9:45, instead of 7, so that I can still have dinner and eat cake with the family. Then I'm totally going to wear my Star Trek uniform and be super nerdy. I love it!

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Sylvia McNicoll said...

For sure thirty-two is a wonderful age. You're young enough to not have wrinkles or grey hair but you're old enough to be mature, and experienced--perfect employee potential.

Still it's all in where you see yourself--if you don't have what you expected at this age, you can get discouraged. But things change at an eye blink. One moment you're lonely, the next you meet someone. One second you're unemployed, the next someone hires you.

I like being 54 too and that's older than I ever conceived of being.

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