Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jadzia in a big-girl seat

Monday May 25th marked the last day Jadzia used her infant carrier. On that day she went to the doctor where she was weighed and measured. That's when I found out that even though she is as light as a feather (a 14-pound feather), my daughter is one and a half centimetres too tall for the baby carseat. Could I let it go? Perhaps, but I'm ninety percent sure that seat was expired anyway, and would therefore sponaneously combust if I were ever to have an accident.

We immediately went to Babies R Us and purchased a new carseat-that-will-turn-into-a-booster for William, and flipped William's old chair into the rear-facing position for Jadzia. Jadzia is quite comfortable in her new seat. However, there are some logistical problems when one loses the convenient bucket-like carrier which can be easily set down on the floor, in a shopping cart, on a table, and replaces it with a floppity infant who can't sit up by herself.

It also causes lapses in judgement like puttin that same floppity infant who can't sit up into a restaurant high-chair clearly designed for toddlers:

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