Saturday, May 09, 2009

Star Trek

Okay so here's my review of the new Star Trek film. I haven't posted until now because a)I've been too tired (my children won't let me sleep in just because I was up to one in the morning!) and b)I'm not sure I can appropriately convey the awesomeness of this film without giving away spoilers. So here's my good college try:

Even though I was excited, I was a little worried going in that they would try too hard to make the film cool and less star-treky. That fear was eliminated in the first five seconds. The dialogue, the costumes, the battlescenes, the random aliens for no reason, the big scary romulan ship, consoles exploding. Everything was pure Star Trek.

The whole cast did an excellent job of playing the original series characters (only more modern sexy and cool obviously). Karl Urban did a particularly good job of getting Dr. McCoy's mannerisms and way of speaking, while still acting believably. Some fun scenes with a young, optomistic Chekov (Anton Yelchin) pronouncing Vs as Ws. Zoe Saldana played a strong, sexy Uhura. And of course Sulu (John Cho) got to sword fight. Yay!

Chris Pine played a Kirk who was a little more rough around the edges than we're used to, but in a good way (timeline-changing events in the film made him like that). My husband said that he kept expecting Zachary Quinto as Spock to cut open somebody's head and steal their brains (like he does on Heroes), but I was way too into the movie to even remember that he also played Sylar. Just to be safe though, don't insult his mother.

I knew there would be some time travel in the film, which is often used (mostly by fans) to explain inconsistencies in the Star Trek story line. Instead, this film used time travel to turn everything on its head and create an all-bets-are-off, anyone can die, anything can happen suspensefest, which is too often impossible in a prequel. (We all knew that Hugh Jackman was going to survive the entire Wolverine movie, and that made it slightly less exciting didn't it?)

Anyway, if you're a Star Trek fan you will definitely like this movie. If you're not, and would like to be, this would be a great flick to get you into it (you'll get to know the original series characters without the 60s campiness). If you just want a good sci fi action-adventure film, this one's for you too (although if you like sci fi action-adventure, you should be a Trek fan already).

I hope this film will spawn many many sequels and maybe even a tv series with this cast. Go Star Trek!

BTW: I was adding the new Star Trek cast to my list of Trek celebs that I'm following on Twitter and Anton Yelchin actually twitted me back! This means either a) he's not actually THE Anton Yelchin who plays Chekov, or b) he's not famous enough yet to ignore people. Anyway he said William is cute, so he must be cool.

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