Friday, May 29, 2009

Morty goes swimming

To further add to my list of reasons why I am the worst dog sitter in the world:

I put Morty outside because William was throwing things at him, then went to put my children down for their naps. The dog had his water and food dish out with him, so what could happen? I was gone for a good hour by the time I got them both down (including a short nap for me in William's room). When I got back I expected an impatient Jackapoo to be waiting at the sliding door.

When he wasn't there, I opened the door, poked my head out and whisper-yelled "Morty? Morty!" Reasoning that he must have found a nice patch of shade to lay in, I went inside and went on my computer.

Not sure how much time passed (I was using the time-sucking machine) when I remembered that the pool is open and I guessed what might have happened to poor Morty. I carried Jadzia (who was awake by this point) to the backyard to investigate. Sitting on top of the solar blanket of our pool was a scrawny shivering rat. Morty is smaller and lighter than my five-month-old and when he's wet you can really tell.

I put my daughter temporarily on the grass and fished the jackapoo out of the pool. He immediately began running around the yard and the house like he was on uppers (dogs do that when they've just had a bath, or just fell in a pool).

So now not only am I neglecting to walk dogs in my care, but I'm putting them in mortal danger by leaving them to drown in a pool for hours.

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