Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Twitter D-list

When I first signed on to twitter I called it a poor man's facebook. Describe what you're doing in 140 characters. Gee, sounds like facebook status. Plus I have this blog as my soapbox, so why would I need to be twittering away like an attention-desperate budgie?

A little later I saw an interview with Levar Burton (aka Geordi Laforge) in which he talked about twitter. He liked it because it offered access to the fans without a publicist or other middleman. This is when I started using twitter to "follow" my favourite Star Trek celebrities. I even replied to their tweets, with no hope of response, just to make myself feel as if I were conversing, and not just stalking.

Well shortly after the Star Trek movie came out, I started adding the cast to my tweet list. It so happened that Anthony Yelchin, who plays Chekov, signed onto twitter for the first time that day and I was one of his first followers. Not only did he message me first, before I had even sent him one tweet, but he started following my updates.

All at once I'm being followed by not one, not two, but three celebrity gossip bloggers (used to be four but I think one realized that I wasn't a celeb and dropped out).

Now I am in a position of power aren't I? I could start any number of unfounded rumours about the elite! I could invite myself to all the hot star parties. Soon the name SuperHappyJen will be synonymous with fame and fortune, because if the tabloids say you are, you are. I may even get people to read my blog.


Becca said...

You should totally start a rumor ;)

did you read this??

funny stuff.

Super Happy Jen said...

That's very cool. If only I could think of the perfect rumour.

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