Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation Day 10: Toy Story 3 and Long Beach

Yes, I realize we can see Toy Story 3 anywhere, but we just couldn't wait until we came home.  This time we didn't try to see it somewhere famous like Hollywood Blvd or Downtown Disney (there's an AMC theatre there).   We went to a random AMC theatre much like the ones in Canada.  In fact, I'd speculate that the ones in Canada are trying to look like California.  Anyway, pretty good movie, particularly the intro.

Later we went to Long Beach, because the internet said it had the warmest beach in LA.  Finally a real swim in the ocean!  It was kind of like swimming in Lake Ontario, only salty, and with palm trees as a backdrop.  I'm hoping to get a lot more ocean beach days out of this trip.  We were there for almost two hours, and William didn't want to leave so he refused to rinse the sand off himself (when I washed him off he knelt down in the sand in defiance) so he drove home all sandy.  We took a dip in the hotel pool to clean up.

Later on, Adam had a craving for a buffet-style restaurant.  So we typed "Buffet" into the GPS.  The first place we found had a bunch of angry people standing around demanding refunds.  Next we drove somewhere that was closed down. Finally we ended up in Korea Town, where we ate at a BBQ Buffet.  Most of the food consisted of raw meat that you cook yourself using a grill in the middle of your table.  Kind of cool, but not the most kid friendly idea.  Jadzia turned the grill on herself because the high chair was placed in front of the controls.  Oops!  I actually quite liked the food, but I think Adam was looking for a more traditional buffet.  He approved of their soft serve ice cream machine though.  William enjoyed the sushi and Jello.

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Columbia Thorndale said...

we had sushi for fathers day too!

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