Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vacation Day 2: the trip

The Plan:

Drive to Buffalo.
Stay overnight.
Take 10 am flight to Chicago.
Board connecting flight to Phoenix at noon (local time)
Arrive in Phoenix.
Take shuttle to in-law's house in Surprise, Arizona.
Stay overnight in Surprise.
Drive to Annaheim using inlaw's car.

The Reality:

Drove to Buffalo.
Stayed overnight.
Took 10 am flight to Chicago.
Circled Chicago airport unable to land because of "weather".  (What kind of weather could be bad enough to close an airport in June?)
Landed in Southbend, Indiana.
Left Southbend at 3:40 pm local time.
Arrived in Chicago.  Missed connecting flight to Arizona.
Were given a much later flight going to LA with a connection to Phoenix.
Hung out in Chicago airport approximately 5 hours.  (Luckily they have an awesome kids play area)
Boarded flight to LAX late.
Missed connecting flight to Arizona (again).
Stood in line at customer service and received hotel vouture.
Took shuttle to hotel.
Hotel was full.  Took a taxi to another hotel and paid for it out of pocket.
Slept for a little under 4 hours.
Took taxi back to airport. 
Boarded flight to Phoenix.
Took shuttle to inlaw's house in Surprise.


Everyone was friendly (while not always helpful).
Chicago's awesome children's play area.  It had a play jumbo jet, play control tower, cargo containters to crawl through, all kinds of bells and whistles. It ruled.
Kids slept on the flight to LA without too much convincing.
Kids were reasonably good considering.
Inlaws had frozen pizza in their freezer.
Palm trees and cactuses.

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