Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vacation Day 12: Legoland

We were fairly bored almost immediately after entering the gates of Legoland.  With height restrictions on almost every ride, Jadzia could go on nothing, which meant one of us standing in line with William while the other attempted to keep Jadzia from losing her shoes.  The Lego models are cool and all, but there's only so much ooing and ahhing one can do over models of American cities and giant purple octopus.

Once our expectations had been lowered considerably, we had a good time.  Their waterpark has a kids area with three waterslides, one of which is wide enough for all four of us to slide together (which of course we did).  The other two only allow one slider at a time, meaning one parent at  the top, and one (plus baby) at the bottom.  Even though we never made it to the big people slides (and they charged us $9 for a locker!!!), the waterpark  was the highlight of my day.

Some fun stuff: a car that William drove all by himself  (steering and pedals, the whole bit),  an Indiana Jones ride involving shooting targets from a truck, and a duplo playground where both the kids had a blast.  Still, most things seemed a little too big for a three-year-old, and yet a little too babyish for the five and six year olds that were there.  If you have a 4-and-a-half year old, I suppose this is the place for him.

We ended the trip at Sea Life, Legoland's answer to SeaWorld.  I don't know what sharks, manta rays and starfish have to do with Lego, but there were a few Lego submarines for the hammerheads to swim around so it's all good.  Jadzia ran around pointing at stuff and saying "Fish!"  and occasionally "Flower!"  (when she saw a sea anemone).  You could even touch the the starfish, which feel like cement. Cool!

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