Monday, September 27, 2004

Eventful weekend

This weekend was so eventful I have to use point form!


Went to see the wolves at Haliburton Forest.
Some facts I learned:
  • the wolf in charge of all the males is the alpha male
  • the wolf in charge of all the females is the alpha female
  • the lowest ranking wolf in the pack is the omega wolf
  • ravens often hang out with wolf packs, eat with them, even attempt to trick them away from their food.
  • sometimes ravens alert wolves to a kill by flying ahead and making noise when they see a lame deer or something.

Photo of the alpha male:


Mom's 50th surprise party. She never suspected a thing. (annoyed that I wouldn't get my passport photo). Rob made posters with pics of and quotes about Mom.

Lots of eating and dancing. A good time was had by all.


Word on the Street. Less and less free stuff every year. Won a stack of art magasines (2-dollar spin-the-wheel game). Art mags=happiness.

So I used full sentences. Sue me! This is still less in depth then I usually get on my blog.

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