Monday, September 06, 2004

Karaoke Revolution!!!

I'm at Becca and Drew's house for their much anticipated Labour Day Barbecue Extravaganza! Becca and I have been playing Karaoke Revolution. I like this game a lot because it makes me feel like Arethra Franklin or Janis Joplin or Caroline Wiles or some other really good singer. The crowd goes wild! I glow because I'm so friggin' good! I wanted to get Adam to try but he doesn't want to feel like Arethra Franklin for some odd reason.


Anonymous said...

im glad you enjoyed the game.. but now im more sure then ever that i dont want to play that game... karaoke is the most annoying game ever made..

its sorta funny and cute for the first 2-3 songs.. but gets very hard on the ears after a few dozen songs


Superhappyjen said...

Awe I thought you liked my singing :(

Anonymous said...

your not a bad singer..probably the best of the bunch,

but still no professional.. :)

I still love you.. no worries

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