Sunday, September 05, 2004

Should've Gone on the Wilderness Adventure Ride

So Adam got these passes to see the Air Show at Ontario Place and he got off work early and we drove to Toronto (Well, Adam drove; I sang the oldies). So we get to Toronto in record time (did I mention Adam drove) BUT there were a hundred thousand cars there in a free-for-all. Parking on grass, driving on jogging paths, that sort of thing. It took us an hour to park, no exaggeration. We went into Ontario Place and climbed all the steps to the top of that big white thing. We had missed most of the air show but we saw 3 or 4 planes go by. Then the announcers were all "Here come the Snowbirds!" and the Snowbirds flew in in that formation they are always doing in photos (you know the one). Then the lead pilot came on the radio and said "Too hazy. Unsafe. No show for you!" or something to that effect. So we climbed all the way down from the tower. BTW: I was testing to see if I'm still afraid of heights by looking down. I don't think I'm completely cured, but I think the death defying experience did help a little.

Anyway. We got to the bottom and I wanted to go one the Wilderness Adventure Ride because every time I come to Ontario Place I go on the Wilderness Adventure Ride. It's pretty much the only ride at Ontario Place and it's the same thing as that log ride they have at Canada's Wonderland: you drive down the river in a hollowed out log, pass by all kinds of cheesey animatronics, the go down a big drop and get splashed. Fun stuff. And the cheesiness factor is enhanced tenfold by the fact that the animatronic loggers have cobwebs attached to their bums.

Problem: Adam didn't want to get his camera wet. I suggested leaving it with the ride employee but (understandably) he didn't trust the ride employee as far as he could throw him (what does that even mean?). I suggested getting a locker but we had both used up all our change to park on a lawn a million miles away. I suggested getting a hold of a plastic bag but Adam thought that he could somehow get his camera wet anyway. I suggested going back to the car and leaving it in there. Adam said "that seems like a bit of a hassle just to go on one ride" and it did, but it also seemed like a bit of a hassle to drive all the way to Toronto and spend an hour looking for parking, just to watch three planes go by. We were both cranky because of the incredible sweltering heat, and the annoyingness of the traffic, parking, and woosy Snowbirds. So we went home.

The rest of the day was better. I hung out with Adam at his house and we watched some Star Trek, and played some Rummikub. Nice, lazy, non-outdoor activities.

When I got home that night my Mom was up (even though it was 12:30 am and WAY past her bedtime). She of course asked me how the air show was and if I went on the Wilderness Adventure Ride. Argh!! Now I'm going to have to make a special trip to Toronto just to ride that stupid ride.

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Anonymous said...

Im sorry we didnt go. i did sorta want to go. if it was free we prob would have..

next time ill leave my camera in the car..

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