Monday, July 26, 2004

Art Centre Kids

I started my second week of volunteering at the Burlington Art Centre today.  This time I'm helping in the kinderart class.  There are eight kids aged four to seven.  Guess what: I remember all their names again!  I am a name remembering Genius.  You guys will have to take my word for it though.  I can list the teenagers names no prob, but with little kids you have to at least pretend to be net savy.  (People who run kiddie porn sites probably got started by putting little kids names in their blogs).

Anyway, the kids were great and the teacher, Deb (she's old enough to have her name in here) was really great.  The class was only half a day long and she already covered everything I learned in first year university: primary colours, still life, landscape, painting and drawing.   By the end of the week they should give these kids a BA!  (Although I doubt there'll be any art history).

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Superhappyjen said...

A quick observation about the Google elves: the moment I meantioned the word "volunteering" all the ads became all bleeding heart. "Save the animals!", "Help the poor!" That kind of stuff. I'm not that bleeding heart, if they gave my money I'd take it!

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