Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Said FU to my Mom in front of my Grandmother

I was eating out with the family (brother, sister, mom, dad, grandmother, nephew) and my three-year-old nephew happened to sit down right across from me where the server had just placed a large glass of beer.  Hunter (the nephew) proclaimed "I don't like beer" and pushed the glass over, getting the beer all over my lap. 

I don't think I yelled, but I might have because I was really ticked off! There's nothing quite as uncomfortable as an entire pint of ice cold beer in your lap. Anyway my mother was making fun of me, the way she loves to do (because everyone knows I am her least favourite daughter).  When I said "Could you guys get me some napkins?  I need lots of them!"  Mom said in a snotty voice: "I need napkins. Get me napkins." 

I said: "FU alright? It's not all over you!!"  Only I didn't use initials.  Those of you that know me, know that I NEVER swear, especially in front of old ladies and children so you can tell how super ticked off I was.

I'm just home now to change my pants and am blogging to let off steam.  I'm going to apologize to Hunter for yelling (he didn't mean to spill the beer) but the rest of them can go to that mythical place underground where the devil lives.


Anonymous said...

where id dou eat.. im very curious.

why wouldnt you post such important informtation?

Superhappyjen said...

di ate dat Offside Ollie's but i didn't think that was pertinant to the story.

~Becca~ said...

WOW! Jen, I don't think I've ever actually seen you swear. And if I have, not in anger. Yep, I'm sure that you were just rubbed you the wrong way.

You know like when you pet a cat backwards, then they hiss at you.

Superhappyjen said...

Yeah, my Mom's always petting me backwards, metaphorically speaking.

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