Friday, July 23, 2004

Google Search for Adam and Jen

I did an image search for "Adam and Jen".  It's amazing how many people there are named Jen, whose significant other is named Adam.  It made me feel quite average actually.  Amazingly enough, I found a picture of myself and it didn't have Adam in it. I don't usually find myself when I do searchs so I wonder why this particular pic showed up on this particular search.  The Google elves amaze me.

Anyway here's a weird picture that I also found when I searched for "Adam and Jen":
I can only assume that the knight with the suggestive sheild is Adam.  Jen must be one of the ants.  Or both of the ants (since it is such a common name).  Jen could be the flies too, but they don't seem very feminine.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

your supa cute Jen na pher. just like those happy happy supa flies back there staring at the shield bump

I love you!... your sexy!

yes i mean it.. sexy

no im not kidding

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