Saturday, July 31, 2004

Review: The Stepford Wives

Either the women of Stepford are androids or they have chips in their heads. Make up your mind! If they are women with chips in their heads they would not be able to operate like an ATM, and you wouldn't need a duplicate Nicole Kidman body. If they are androids, how would it be possible to change them back at the end (oops, spoiler).

I was torn as to what rating to give this movie. It has good comedic value with lots of good one-liners. Fave line, when all the android/chip-in-the-head wives are talking about what kind of decorations you can make with pinecones Bette Midler says: "And I'm going to attach a pinecone to my vibrator and have a really merry Christmas."

However, a great cast and hillarious one-liners is not enough for a sci-fi nut like me to ignore the most gigantic plot hole I've seen yet.


BTW: One of these days I'll see the original. I want to see how it compares.

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