Saturday, July 31, 2004

Review: Shakespeare in the Park

An evening of Old English and Ridiculous fun

Yesterday was the first time Shakespeare has ever been performed in Spencer Smith Park. A momentous occasion to be sure! They modernized it a bit with costumes and musical numbers, but kept Billy Shake's language the same. This might make my sound uncultured but I find Shakespearean language about as difficult to understand as French: I get it, but it takes a bit of concentration, and it's definitely not English. My german grandmother did not get it. When asked if she enjoyed the play she replied: "It's nice to be in the fresh air."

The play was a midsummer night's dream, one of the ones with lots of ridiculous fun. The actors appeared to have lots of ridiculous fun performing and the audience had lots of ridiculous fun watching.

There's another performance tonight and I urge all the Burlington peeps to go see it (she says as if anyone really reads her blog). It's pay as you go (they suggest 12 bucks a person but you can put five cents in the bag and noone will be the wiser). Plus they have a draw for free dinner tickets (I know Becca is lucky about that kind of thing).



~Becca~ said...

I Have been dry on the luck of winning things latley... I can only assume my luck it saving itself up so that I may win a lottery *he he he*

Superhappyjen said...

When you win the jackpot can I have a cut?

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