Monday, September 12, 2011

Pics From the Retreat (Mostly from the Hike)

Willing to risk anything for their craft, Siobhan Minty and Elaine Cougler joyfully point out that our trail may be swarming with deadly insects.

I managed to capture the whole gang on film. From left to right: Sherry Isaac, Elaine Cougler, Siobhan Minty, Carole-Ann Vance, Sharon Clare

Taking a picture of myself always results in a double chin, but Siobhan looks gorgeous.

Sherry, me, Elaine and Sharon pose next to (and on top of) a time machine.

Sherry attempts to take a picture of the sparkly ground (the sparkles didn't show up too well in photos).

Sharon takes a group photo while I sneak a pic of her.

Elaine and Sharon admire Sherry's picture of the sparkly ground.

A friend we met on the journey.

The house we stayed in was much nicer than this.

The view from Halcyon Haven at sunset.

Back at home, Jadzia enjoys painting the book I got from Sharon.


Siobhan said...

I had such a great time at the retreat! Thanks for posting the pics!

Carole-Ann said...

Love that sunset picture Jen :) Great pictures great time!

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