Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wardroids Trailer (that I made) and an Awesome Book (that I didn't write)

On the way home from the writing retreat I was thinking out loud to my friend Siobhan about the templates my husband uses to make ridiculous trailers of our family vacations. "I wonder if you could use one to make a book trailer," said I.

So I got home and started messing around with iMovie.  I chose the template best suited to my science-fiction-comedic-action-romance which I usually call "Wardroids" even though several people have said that it's a terrible title (somehow anything else I think of is slightly more terrible).

The problem: footage.  This might surprise some of you, but it's very difficult to find footage of wardroid sex slaves preparing for rebellion on any of the free stock footage sites.  Instead I found time lapse clips of sunsets and a cool slow motion fire ball. 

Here's about where my husband took over.  My sunset and fireball trailer, while dramatic, really didn't illustrate my book very well. Luckily my husband has a subscription to a stock photo site.  I searched and searched and found several pics of people and androids which could vaguely pass as my characters.  Adam turned these into video clips using his magic computer powers and we spent the evening plugging them into my template. I still kept my sunset and fireball in there because it's good to have at least some actual video.

The end result is, I think, pretty decent. 

I bet you all want to read that book now!  Unfortunately it's not published.  You should call up your connections in the science fiction industry and ask them to get in contact with me.  Show them the trailer, and be sure to tell them that the book is way better than the trailer (less stock footage).

One book that is published however (this is a segue, pretty nice huh?) is my friend Siobhan Minty's self-published masterpiece "A Gay in the Life of Melinda Finch". Available on Amazon here and Smashwords here. If you enjoy my sense of humour (and if you're reading this blog I assume you do), you're going to enjoy this.  It's about a woman named Melinda who has to pretend to be a lesbian to write a gay advice column. Also there's a love triangle, which becomes a love trapezoid.  And there's a twist ending. Here's the review some random Amazon user gave it:

Melinda Finch is zany and loveable. Her story is hilarious and surprisingly poignant. A great read from beginning to end. If you don't think that love conquers all, this book will make you a believer. 

Okay that was me, but I meant every word.  And the book is only 99 cents.  Seriously! (Feel free to mention Siobhan's book when you're negotiating my book deal with your publisher friends).


Siobhan said...

This is sooooo cool, Jen!! I want a trailer now for Melinda. Can I have one? Pretty please? What do I have to do???

And thanks for giving my book a promo. You are so sweet;)

Siobhan said...

Oh...why don't you see if you can post your trailer on the insecure writers blog too?

Sharon said...

Fantastic video, Jen!!! Wow, you made that in one night, that's amazing. Love the pictures, love the music. Your text tells the story succinctly and the suspense is great!

Sharon said...

Going to get Siobhan's book now! I know it's a fabulous read, but it will be interesting to see the final product!

Super Happy Jen said...

You'll enjoy it Sharon. It's so much better to read a book for fun then for critique. I'd rather read Melinda than write my own book. :)

Carole-ann said...

Awesome trailer, bravo to you and Adam!! Really well done! Get that book out there Jen!

F.E. Sewell said...

That's a really good looking trailer! Most of the ones I've seen have been kinda cheap, but not yours. It's awesome!

Also, have you thought of WarDroids? Just capitalizing the "d" makes a huge difference in how it's perceived.

Now I'm gonna go look for some connections. I want to read your book!

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