Saturday, September 10, 2011

Writing Retreat

Today I am blogging to you, on location from Halcyon Haven in sunny Lombardy. I'm attending a writing retreat with five of my fellow authors,three of whom I know from writer's group, and two new faces.

Yesterday my friend (and fellow writer type) Siobhan and I drove seven hours through traffic.  We ate at a restaurant frequented by truckers which was attached to a convenience store. There were quite a few flies but the food was decent.  Plus, my meal came with ice cream (no, I did not order from the kids menu).  Anyway we arrived last, in the dark, and got slightly lost by the end because my GPS, a typical male, only pretended to know where it was going.

This place is quite nice, right on the lake.  Looking out the window, it feels as though the whole house is floating on the water.  My friend Sharon (also a writer-type, just assume everyone I mention is a writer) organized this whole thing and has all kinds of workshops planned.  She also has a delicious menu and made us a fritata this morning with lots of delicious vegetables ( I love when my eggs have many colours in them). Of course I'm more excited about the woman-food than anything else.

Anyway, in the interest of social networking, here are links to everyone's websites:

Carole Ann: TK







Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Enjoy the retreat!
Thanks for joining the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Look forward to your first post on October 5.

Linda Farmer (Moderator) said...

Hi Everyone,

Glad to hear everyone arrived safely and the weather is perfection (at least In Toronto) . Sorry I can't be with you in body (the body is an unreliable beast) but I'm with you in spirit. Write with inspiration dripping from your fingertips. See you On Wednesday evening when I can get the full scoop on what happened.

Linda (Cassidy)

Jane Isfeld Still said...

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Gloria Richard said...

SO envious! I see Sharon's weekly goals list and believe I have the full scoop on culinary delights for the weekend. Banana muffins anyone? And, she's making you work, work, work! Quite unusual for writer's retreats. Typically, we say we're going to write and critique and polish. Typically, we eat and laugh and do "field research" instead. Typically, we don't have Sharon Clare. Sharon Clare cracks the WIP whip.

QUICK! Name the Rhetorical Devices, or I'll know you slept through Sherry's presentation yesterday.

Sherry Isaac said...

Gloria, you came!

I know the devices, can't mention them cause that would be cheating. Heart you!

Jen, what fun to meet you and Siobhan face to face. Enjoy Storyteller. Until next time...

Sharon said...

Jen, at least you and Siobhan found your way. I hope the GPS Aussie guided you home directly. I love the way Siobhan 'does' him.

LOL, Gloria. As Elaine, highschool English teacher in a previous life, pointed out, there's a little teacher in me. I so enjoyed everyone's company and found the weekend inspiring. I'm still enjoying the view and feel blessed to be here. The weather could not be nicer!

Carole-Ann said...

Hi Jen! The writer's retreat was great, glad we could all make it (we missed you Linda!)

Carole-Ann said...

Hi Jen! Enjoyed the writers retreat glad we could all make it (we missed you Linda!)

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