Saturday, September 03, 2011

Six Years

So it's my hubby and my six year anniversary, so we celebrated by going with our friends to the Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge, a humid indoor jungle with colourful bugs flying everywhere. All the humans in the room were drenched in sweat, particularly my son who's every pore becomes a faucet at the slightest rise in temperature.

Some things I learned: meal worms taste like bland potato chips, giant snails eat sweet potatoes, and butterflies enjoy ice tea (if it's spilled on a little girl's dress).
Luckily, my favourite moment of the day was caught on video:

Ah, the joy, followed by the timid uncertainty at having a giant insect stick its proboscis into the fabric of your pretty princess dress.  Isn't it strange to think that none of these little people existed six years ago?

Anyway, to go along with the theme of highly humid activities, we had dinner at the Mongolian Grill, where you select ingredients which are then cooked in front of you on a giant metal circle (which also turns the entire restaurant into a sauna).  On retrospect, it probably wasn't the best choice for late summer dining.

Oh, and here's a picture of a butterfly that I stole from my husband who has a really expensive heavy duty camera.

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