Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Weekend at Amy's

I apologize to all my faithful blog readers (yeah right) for not blogging all weekend. I was away from the computer because I was at Amy's house. Amy's parents were away all weekend and I came over to help look after Amy's sister Steph. This is a really sweet deal because I get to hang out with my best friend and her sister all weekend and get paid for it! Sweet deal, eh? For those of you who don't know, Steph is a quadriplegic, so that's how come she needs someone to look after her (even though she's 21 or 22 years old now). I have huge Arnie arm muscles from lifting her! (no, not really but I do have a fat bum from sitting on it watching movies all the time). Here is the blow-by-blow of the weekend:


I got up at 8:40 because I had set my alarm for 9 and for some reason I always get up 20 minutes before my alarm regardless of what time I set it to (one time I had to get up at 3am and I woke up at 2:40, no kidding). Anyway, I got all ready, packed my stuff for Amy's, made eggs for me and my Dad, called Amy to say I was coming, then Dad drove me to Amy's in his Mustang. When I got there Amy was still in her pjs. We watched Justice League for an hour and a half and then watched the movie of the day. The movie of the day was Princess Diaries1 because the sequel is coming out so so naturally we had to watch the first one again (Amy and Steph are into girlie movies). Then we went shopping for food (Amy was wearing clothes by this time) because Amy was planning to have people over for waffles on Sunday. Adam works in the same plaze as the Fortinos we went to so naturally we had to visit him. We invited him to come to dinner after work. After visiting Adam's work (Mailboxes etc.) we went to the Roger's next door and rented Cinderella II2 and watched it (duh). Adam came over after work and we ordered chicken wings (honey garlic for me and Adam, mild for Amy and Steph). We had Snickers ice cream with chocolate and caramel sauce for dessert. Yum! Adam picked a movie from Steph's collection to watch (Short Circuit3). After that Staying Alive4 was on tv (Adam thought it was a boring movie so he went home. Later, Amy and I watched celebrity trash tv until midnight and then went to bed.


Amy made Steph promise not to wake us before 8am. So at 8 o'clock on the dot she woke us up (well Amy woke up, I slept a few dozen more minutes). We started getting the brunch ready because everyone was supposed to come at 11 (fat chance). Amy made the waffles and I cut strawberries and washed blueberries. When that was done, we watched Amy's tape of Dawson's Creek (that show is so depresso!) and waited for people to come. My fabulous boy was the only one who was on time (yeah Adam!). This girl Terrence showed up a few minutes after eleven (not bad at all especially since she brought homemade jam and maple syrup). Karen came at 11:45 (but brought cool whip). And the other 2 (Kelly and Blaire) came at noon! Noon! Anyway we went out on the patio and ate waffles with berries and jam and coolwhip and syrup. Yum. Amy's friends enjoy talking about bikini waxes, and eyebrow waxes, and who's dating who, and who's mad at who and blah blah blah. So you can imagine how well I fit in with the group. Oh well, my boy was there. We went swimming because there was finally summer weather. The pool was nice and warm (but not a bathtub). Amy's friends enjoy sunbathing and more blah blah blah and I got bored but still had fun (because of the swimming, waffles, and Adam). Amy made strawberry daquiries with too much rum and then barbecued hamburgers. Yum yum yum. And swam some more. Everyone pretty much left after that. We watched some Law and Order CI and some Crossing Jordan and some Sex shows and then went to bed.


Steph woke us up at 10 to 7 to use the washroom, then let us sleep to 8am (thank you Stephanie). Amy and I cleaned up our weekend mess because the parents were coming home at 12:30. Well, mostly Amy cleaned, I spent time in Steph's room watching a movie called Digging to China5. Amy's parents came home at 12:30 on the dot (they are very punctual). Amy's Dad gave me an Oh Henry bar as a souvenir. It was well received since I hadn't had any breakie. Me and Amy watched some Days of Our Lives and then decided to go see a movie. Adam and Craig came too. We wanted to see Catwoman, but apparently Showcase doesn't have matinees even though they advertise them in the paper (ahem). So we went to see the Terminal6 at Encore (Amy drove us in her Daddy's Jag). Then that was the end of Amy (I can only assume people cease to exist when I am not interacting with them). I went to hang out with Adam at his house and Craig made DVDs and we all watched Wonder Woman.


1 It is good in a cheesey way (like most movies Amy and Steph like) **
2 Instead of one long story there are 3 little ones. The first and last story were the best, I could have done without the 2nd **
3 If you haven't seen this, you must. It is an 80s classic. ***
4 John Travolta in tight pants. *
5 Kevin Bacon plays a retard (sorry, I shouldn't say retard) who gets befriended by the odd kid. It's your typical heart-warming retard story (oops, I said it again). **
6 Tom Hanks lives at the airport. Lots of funny bits. ***


Anonymous said...

okay well.. i didnt read this blog entry.. cause its tooo long..
its like a book.. takes a great investment of my brain to start it..

but since i was around for most of the weekend i think i know what happened.

try writing shorter entries then this.

I love you

---- Adam

Anonymous said...

ok ok.. i did read 3/4 of it.. ! honest

Superhappyjen said...

I broke it up into manageable bits. Stop yer complainin'

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