Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The All-day Interview.

Time interview was scheduled for: 12:30 pm

10:50 Got in the car and headed for the far side of the universe
11:00 Stuck in traffic
12:00 Stuck in traffic, again. Began to imagine what I would say to the interviewers if I arrived late.
12:30 Arrived at the far side of the universe in the nick of time. Signed in at the front desk, got a nametag, and waited with 10-15 other applicants.
1:20 Finally got called in to get interviewed by a man named "Jason". He seemed friendly. Same ol' interview questions, blah blah blah.
1:40 Wrote a dead-simple test (to make sure I have a brain). Sample question: "We charge 8% shipping and handling on orders over $3o. How much shipping and handling should you charge on a $90 order? $12.21, $5.00, $7.03, or $7.20?" Totally stupid.
1:45 Went to the cafeteria with the other applicants to wait for my second interview. A woman named "Helen" put on a video about how gosh darn great it is to work at Scholastic (the far side of the universe). The theme music for the video was from the Little Mermaid.
2 pm Video ended.
2:30 All other applicants have been called for their second interview except me. A woman comes out of nowhere and tells me that they haven't forgotten me and thanks me for my patience.
3:10 Got called in for a second interview with a woman named "Carolyn". She asked the same questions as "Jason". Honestly, they were almost word for word exactly the same.
3:28 Left the farside of the universe.
3:30 Returned to the farside of the universe because I realized they forgot to ask for my references (not a good sign).
3:31 Left the far side of the universe (for real this time).
4:45 Arrived home.


Anonymous said...

Well sounds like a fun fun afternoon.

markham is so bloddy far away tho.. I dont wanna live in markham.

BC.. now thats closer

-- Adam

Superhappyjen said...

We are NOT moving to Yahk!

~Becca~ said...

I Would visit you two there... Though your better here.

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